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April 2018 Archives

How to prepare your motorcycle for spring in Ohio

The spring season is finally here, even if it doesn't seem like the weather is cooperating. Despite the chilly temperatures, you still need to prepare your motorcycle for the first ride of the spring. If your bike sat locked in a garage for the entire winter, you will need to perform some maintenance to make sure it is ready for the first ride. Follow the tips outlined here and your first ride should be a safe, fun one in Dayton.

Why are truck accidents different from other types of car crashes

Even confident drivers may feel a pang of anxiety when they find themselves traveling next to an 18-wheeler. This is for good reason: If an accident happens, a truck can do far more damage than an ordinary passenger vehicle. Additionally, in some situations, a semi can be more likely to cause a crash in the first place.

An overview of delayed onset of pain

Being involved in a car accident can be scary. Even the most minor of accidents can cause you a high level of stress and worry. You never know what type of injury you might suffer in a car accident. That's why you should always accept or seek medical evaluation following an accident in Dayton, Ohio. Another issue that could crop up is delayed onset of pain.

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