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We Are The Lawyers You Call In Times Of Need

An overview of delayed onset of pain

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | Car Accident, Firm News |

Being involved in a car accident can be scary. Even the most minor of accidents can cause you a high level of stress and worry. You never know what type of injury you might suffer in a car accident. That’s why you should always accept or seek medical evaluation following an accident in Dayton, Ohio. Another issue that could crop up is delayed onset of pain.

Not every injury will present itself immediately after an accident. Internal bleeding, pain and other issues could very well take hours or days to present symptoms. This is reason enough alone for you to seek medical care following an accident. The sheer unknown factor should be frightening enough.

You can have the firefighters and EMTs who respond to the scene evaluate you and then decide if you should be transported to the hospital. Even if you don’t want to go in an ambulance, you can still transport yourself once you have been released from the scene by the police.

It’s possible that pain will not present itself for quite a bit of time following an accident. The biggest reason for this is the adrenaline in your body. Once the adrenaline begins to wear off, you could start to suffer from pain in various areas of the body. This pain could be temporary, like a minor bruise, or it could be serious, such as internal bleeding or broken bones.

If you’ve ever been injured in a car accident, you know how stressful and scary the following moments are. Be sure that you always seek medical care after an accident even if you think you didn’t suffer an injury. This care could be extremely helpful in the event of litigation.