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How Do Insurance Companies Handle Trucking Crashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

People injured in car crashes that have been caused by another driver typically expect that insurance companies will pay for their medical expenses and property damage losses. Provided that the coverage carried by the driver at fault is sufficient, those with major injuries might even be able to claim any lost income that results from their harm.

People rarely anticipate an insurance company fighting them, but that is exactly what happens in some cases. The larger the insurance policy and the worse the injuries, the greater the likelihood of a contentious insurance battle following someone’s injury in a crash.

Big policies mean major claim pushback

Unlike passenger vehicles, which often have so little liability coverage that injured parties have few options other than to litigate, semi-trucks are subject to much higher insurance requirements. Provided that the semi-truck weighs at least 10,001 pounds, the mandatory insurance coverage will be at least  $750,000 of liability coverage. Trucks transporting hazardous materials may have substantially more than that, and some owner-operators and transportation companies invest in far more than the minimum amount of coverage required by federal rules. Unfortunately, that extra coverage doesn’t automatically translate to a larger payout for the injured parties.

Those involved in a semi-truck collision can anticipate the insurance company pushing back against the claim and trying to minimize how much the person filing the claim receives. Sometimes, the tactic used to minimize liability and cost involves offering a low settlement. Those who accept the settlement will be ineligible for future payouts from the insurance company which means that those involved in 18-wheeler collisions will need to review any settlement offer very carefully.

Frequently, those facing a complicated and sizable insurance claim after a semi-truck collision will need help to obtain an appropriate amount of compensation. Recognizing that an insurance company has an incentive to pay as little as possible – and seeking legal guidance accordingly – may help people better protect their interests when seeking appropriate restitution after a crash caused by a semi-truck.