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Posts tagged "Car Accident"

What should you do after your vehicle falls into the water?

In an emergency with a vehicle going into the water, you only have seconds to act. Maybe someone cuts you off while you're driving near a river, for instance. You swerve to avoid them, make contact anyway, and lose control of the car. It winds up in the water.

Run off the road by a distracted driver: What now?

When someone says that they were "ran off of the road," the phrase makes it sound deliberate, like it was part of a road-rage incident. While that certainly does happen in Ohio, it's important to remember that you can also get ran off of the road by someone who is simply not paying enough attention to what they're doing.

Did you suffer a spinal compression fracture in a car accident?

A serious car accident can lead to a host of significant injuries that can change your life forever. One such injury is a spinal compression fracture. This injury requires extensive treatment and can lead to pain and suffering, high medical bills, lost wages, a lower quality of life and much more.

What is an underride accident?

Any accident can lead to serious injuries or turn deadly. However, forensic experts call underride accidents the "most horrific and most deadly types of crashes" for a reason. These are especially dangerous and often result in fatalities. It is critical to know how they happen and what makes them so devastating.

Spotting the signs of a possible impaired driver

When you get behind the wheel in Dayton, Ohio, you likely take every safety precaution possible. It doesn't matter how safe you are, if the drivers around you fail to operate their vehicles safely, you could be in danger of an accident. The most dangerous drivers are those that are impaired, so here are signs to help you spot possible impaired drivers.

Warning signs of a distracted driver in Ohio

Distracted driving has become a big problem not only in Ohio but across the country. Distracted drivers have caused some of the most tragic and deadly accidents in Dayton and the numbers are only climbing. You might avoid distractions while driving but this will not keep you from getting involved in an accident. You need to be on the lookout for other distracted drivers while practicing your own safety measures.

An overview of delayed onset of pain

Being involved in a car accident can be scary. Even the most minor of accidents can cause you a high level of stress and worry. You never know what type of injury you might suffer in a car accident. That's why you should always accept or seek medical evaluation following an accident in Dayton, Ohio. Another issue that could crop up is delayed onset of pain.

Signs of a traumatic brain injury

A car accident can cause several problems for victims, and determining whether or not you have a serious injury can be difficult. However, it’s important to seek medical treatment right away if you exhibit any symptoms that point to a larger concern.

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