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Will Insurance Take Care Of You After You Get Hurt In A Car Wreck?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Car Accident |

Every day, people get into car crashes that leave them permanently injured or dead. Still, millions of Americans drive without much thought about the consequences on a daily basis. People have to set aside risks to be able to participate in the modern economy.

Most people in Ohio never have to deal with a serious crash firsthand. While collisions remain a leading cause of injury and death, they still only impact a tiny segment of the population every year. Those who do get into crashes generally expect that car insurance will take care of their costs. Some people only learn the hard way that collisions often cost more than what insurance will cover.

 Ohio requires that drivers carry liability coverage

There are many different kinds of car insurance coverage available, but only two forms are actually mandatory under Ohio law. Ohio requires $25,000 worth of both property damage coverage and injury coverage in case one person gets hurt. The minimum medical liability coverage goes up to $50,000 when two or more people get hurt or die in a crash.

Drivers can pay for higher coverage amounts and additional kinds of coverage to better protect themselves. Uninsured and underinsured driver protection help those who get hurt when a driver doesn’t have enough insurance. Comprehensive and collision coverage can repair a vehicle damaged in a storm or in a hit-and-run crash in a parking lot. For the most part, however, the coverage that applies after a crash will be liability-based.

What can you expect from car insurance after a crash?

The person who causes the crash is the one whose policy pays, so you will hopefully be able to make a claim against the other driver’s policy.  Of course, you can only expect as much reimbursement as the other driver has coverage.

If they only have the bare minimum amount of insurance, you could have thousands of dollars in uncovered vehicle repair costs or medical bills. Those who need to make a big claim against another driver’s insurance policy may have to negotiate to get the coverage they need. They also made have to file a civil lawsuit if the coverage isn’t adequate for their costs.

The better you understand how car insurance works in Ohio, the easier it will be to navigate the system after a significant collision.