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Spinal cord injuries have costs well beyond medical bills

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Injuries |

If you hurt your spinal cord during a motor vehicle collision, you can anticipate tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical costs as a result. There will be lost wages until you recover enough to return to work. In some cases, you may not be able to continue the same career, which may mean a long-term reduction in your earning potential.

Unfortunately, the financial impact of a spinal cord injury doesn’t end when you get discharged from the hospital. There are many additional expenses that you will have to find some way to cover. Insurance claims can help recoup some of these expenses, but a personal injury lawsuit may also be necessary if there isn’t adequate insurance available.


In order to bring a claim against a business or person who caused your injury, you will have to demonstrate the financial impact of the injury on your life. Remember to look at secondary expenses when determining the amount you want to seek.


Making your home more accessible will cost you thousands

In order to continue to live independently, it may become necessary to retrofit your home with wheelchair ramps and accessible features to allow you to remain in the same home as you were in prior to the injury.


From the installation of elevators in multiple-story properties to the remodeling of bathrooms and kitchens to allow for easier use, you may have to invest thousands of dollars to make your home a safe place for you after a spinal cord injury. On average, people with spinal cord injuries will spend around $9,000 to make their home more accessible after a spinal cord injury.


Keeping your personal vehicle may also cost a lot

When you require mobility assistance or rely on a wheelchair, you may prize the freedoms you have in other parts of your life. You very likely don’t want to lose the freedom and independence that having your own vehicle allows for. Chances are good that it will cost you thousands of dollars to convert a vehicle to allow you to drive it or to allow for safe loading and unloading of a wheelchair.


While there are a host of other expenses, including the potential need for frequent medical treatments, these will vary greatly depending on your circumstances, the location of your injury and the support network you have. Looking at all of these expenses will help you determine the right amount of compensation to request.