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What are some common truck accident causes in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

Driving alongside a truck or other large vehicle in Dayton can be unnerving. You never know what the truck will do or where it will go. We’ve all seen the pictures and videos of the most horrific crashes involving trucks. They are large, carry heavy loads and travel at high rates of speed. What are the most common truck accident causes in Ohio?

As you might have thought, driver error is right up there as a top cause of truck accidents. Truck drivers are just like other drivers. They can become distracted behind the wheel because of their phone or communication device in the truck. They might use a little too much speed when they shouldn’t. They might make a turn too late. All of these are common driver errors that can lead to accidents.

Another common truck accident cause is inclement weather. Snow, wind, ice, rain and fog can contribute to accidents, especially if the truck driver does not adjust how he or she operates the rig during inclement weather. Larger vehicles take longer to stop and have larger surface areas, potentially increasing the impact of bad weather.

The way the truck is cared for, or isn’t cared for, can lead to an accident. Regular oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks and other services can help keep a truck running in top condition. When a large truck is not receiving the service it requires to run smoothly, issues can arise that can lead to accidents.

Truck accidents can be downright devastating. Make sure you drive carefully around these vehicles so that you can anticipate where they are headed and how you can avoid them if they suddenly come into your lane in Dayton.