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How can I drive safely near large trucks?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

Driving has become second nature for millions of people. They drive so often and for such long periods that they can become complacent in their actions. This is never a good thing because complacency can lead to accidents. When you hit the road in Dayton, Ohio, you will likely encounter a large number of trucks and buses. You need to know the proper way to operate your vehicle near them in order to remain safe.

You should never tailgate a truck or bus. These vehicles are higher off the ground than cars, which means if you cannot stop in time, you could find yourself getting stuck underneath the truck or bus. This is incredibly dangerous and could lead to a fatal accident.

Avoid blind spots at all costs. These are found on either side of a truck and directly behind a spot. If you are unable to see the mirrors of the truck, the truck driver is not able to see your vehicle. You should be able to see the truck driver in the mirrors of the truck when driving.

Allow plenty of room for trucks and buses to make right turns. These vehicles are so large that they need a big turning radius. A tractor-trailer has a turning radius of 55 feet. Give them plenty of space to make their right turns without crashing into you if you are sitting at an intersection.

Take the tips presented in today’s post to heart. Learn them and learn how to stay safe on the roads of Ohio. It can wind up saving your life one day.

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