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We Are The Lawyers You Call In Times Of Need

We Are The Lawyers You Call In Times Of Need

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Domestic Relations

It has been reported widely that one-half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce or dissolution. Unfortunately, the love, promise and good intentions of marriage are absent when a marriage is being terminated, and what remains are finances and parenting issues.

The stress of a deteriorating marriage or relationship can be overwhelming. Those stresses are amplified when the welfare of children is at stake. We take extra care to make sure that marital assets and income are disclosed fully and divided fairly. We also assist our clients in protecting minor children from the fallout of a dissolving marriage or relationship.

Intili Group, A Legal Professional Association handles divorces, dissolutions, custody, visitation, domestic violence, spousal support, and child support disputes in both domestic relations and juvenile court with skill and compassion. We understand that these matters are personal, intimate, and emotional. Where matters can be settled amicably, we will help you do so in compliance with the law. If a settlement can’t be reached, we will fight the family law battles that can and must be fought so that you can begin anew with a hopeful outlook.