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Driving next to a truck can be deadly

You have to share the road with trucks in Ohio, but that does not mean you need to linger. If you have to pass a truck, it's wise to do it as quickly as possible. Do not continue driving right next to the truck. Slow down or speed up so that you find your own space on the road.

Automated trucks predicted to reduce accidents

Self-driving vehicles are going through extensive testing right now, and one of the main industries showing interest in the new technology is the trucking industry. Currently, companies need to pay full-time drivers to move incredible amounts of freight all over the country, but self-driving trucks may give them the ability to cut back on employees without cutting back on production.

Truck crashes on I-270 becoming the norm

Truck crashes on I-270 West are becoming the norm lately. Just days after an investigative report from ABC 6/Fox 28 aired about truck crashes in this area of Ohio, another truck went off the road. The recent crashes have destroyed fencing along the highway as well as hedges.

What are some common truck accident causes in Ohio

Driving alongside a truck or other large vehicle in Dayton can be unnerving. You never know what the truck will do or where it will go. We've all seen the pictures and videos of the most horrific crashes involving trucks. They are large, carry heavy loads and travel at high rates of speed. What are the most common truck accident causes in Ohio?

How can I drive safely near large trucks?

Driving has become second nature for millions of people. They drive so often and for such long periods that they can become complacent in their actions. This is never a good thing because complacency can lead to accidents. When you hit the road in Dayton, Ohio, you will likely encounter a large number of trucks and buses. You need to know the proper way to operate your vehicle near them in order to remain safe.

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